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empower your voice

Do you want to sing higher, hold notes longer, breathe easier, or scream like Freddie Mercury? Does your voice feel tired after you sing?

I'm Cameron, an expert vocal coach who loves supporting my students through mastering their voice! I teach healthy singing and vocal effects for all styles using modern knowledge about the voice. You'll find more power and ease in your voice after just one lesson, and it gets better from there.


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private instruction

Ages 10+

Your first lesson we'll get to know each other and I'll perform a quick assessment to hear exactly where your voice is. I teach based on your history and what I hear in your voice, giving you customized tools that create balance so your singing is easier and more powerful.

I'm happy to teach additional skills as well based on your interests:

Growls & Screams

Music Theory
Acting & Performance Techniques

Audition Skills

Take lessons as a drop-in, or sign up for weekly lessons at a regular time for a discounted rate. 

Certified Instructor level 1 by the Institute for Vocal Advancement
5 stars on Google - read the reviews
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