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online lesson setup

Three things make online lessons the best they can be:

  1. A computer 

  2. The Zoom app

  3. Earbuds or Headphones with a built in mic

Earbuds/Headphones with a mic are strongly recommended. Even a cheap set will be better than the mic and speakers in a computer. It also allows the audio to come through more clearly. You can also use a dedicated mic if you have one (the BEST!), but in this case still please use earphones or headphones to hear your instructor.

A computer provides the best audio experience possible, but a tablet or phone also work fine!


If you're using a computer, follow the steps below to set up professional quality audio:


  1. Download and install the Zoom app on your device - you can visit this page to download it for computer, or the Google/Apple store for a mobile device.

  2. If you already have Zoom installed, open the application and check for updates by clicking on your profile picture, and clicking "Check for Updates" from the list.

  3. Make sure your internet connection is strong (SpeedTest by Ookla is great. Anything above 50mbps will be sufficient. The higher the better). If your speed is slow, move your computer closer to your router or connect your computer to the router with an ethernet cable.



  1. Open the Zoom application, and Settings by clicking on your user picture on the top-right. 
  2. Click "Audio" from the Settings list.

  3. Un-check the box labelled "Automatically adjust microphone volume" (turn it off).

  4. Use the volume slider to set the microphone volume level to about 80% of the max.

  5. Check the box that says "Original sound for musicians".

  6. Check the box that says "High-fidelity music mode".

  7. If you don't have earphones or headphones, check the box that says "Echo cancellation" box (turn it on).

Screenshot sound settings in the zoom app

See you soon!

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